Washer & Dryer Repair

Keep Your Washer and Dryer in Peak Condition

Keep Your Washer and Dryer in Peak Condition

Arrange for our professional washer repair services in Yakima, WA

Do you have dirty clothes piling up because of a broken or malfunctioning washer? Before you panic, give Ed's Used Appliances a call. We provide prompt and professional washer repair services for homeowners throughout the Yakima, WA area.

Broken drains and faulty cycles are common issues in all kinds of washer models. You can't afford to let your clothes soak in dirty water for days. We'll arrive as soon as possible to the get the work done right away.

Call now to schedule washer repair services with your local pro.

Signs your dryer needs repairs ASAP

Did you know clogged or faulty dryers account for thousands of house fires in the U.S. every year? Contact us right away for dryer repair services if you notice:

  • Very short or very long drying times
  • Your drum isn't spinning
  • Loud noises during operation
  • Excessive heat in the room

You could be dealing with a mechanical issue with the dryer itself, or debris and lint might be clogging the vents. We'll take a close look to determine the root of the problem. Reach out today for dryer repair services in the Yakima, WA area.