Refrigerator Repair

Save Your Food From Spoilage

Save Your Food From Spoilage

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When you're keeping a week's worth of food for your family, refrigerator problems are the worst-case scenario. After just one day without refrigeration, most foods will need to be tossed. If you have a fridge emergency in the Yakima, WA area, contact Ed's Used Appliances for refrigerator repair services.

Is your refrigerator leaking? Get repairs right away. We'll pinpoint the issue and fix it as soon as possible.

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Common refrigerator problems we fix

Refrigerators are fairly complex appliances, containing many different parts that could all break down. A few of the most common issues include:

  • Rising temperatures inside
  • Ice building up near the top or rear
  • Water or ice machines not working properly
  • Strange noises or smells

Pooling water underneath your refrigerator can cause serious flooring damage. Turn to us right away if your refrigerator is leaking for repairs.